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Google Adwords can be used on websites.

Google AdWords is an online advertising service, developed by Google, where advertisers pay to display brief advertising copy to web users.

The webpage can also optionally support facebook related features such as like and share buttons or inserting you facebook page in the advertisement banner, for free.

Every webpage includes necessary meta tags for facebook, which means that when it is shared it will show the icon, name and description of the webpage.

The webpage can also optionally feature google analytics code which allows you to see:

1)      How many visitors your webpage has had.

2)      From which webpage or social network they came from

3)      Which search words were used to find you and what interests customers more

4)      How many viewers are currently on the webpage.

The control panel of the webpage also allows you to change the description and necessary Keywords, which are used for search engines.

Name of the webpage – here you can write the name which will be shown in search engines and when your page is shared on social media.

Description of the webpage – here you write the text which will be shown in search engines and on social media when you page is shared, under the name of your page.

Keywords – here you write the words, by which you want your page to be found on google.

Demo Web Site

Go to the Demo Website


In Control Panel enter:
Name: demo
Password: demo

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