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What is an ASM project?


You can change your webpages design to suit your style. Color scheme and visual effects are distributed in a way that the webpage is easy to understand, easy to use. Main page will display information picked by you, and will feature animated categories, subcategories, and a slider displayed on the main page. 

Structure of the webpage:

You can customize you pages structure however you desire. You can rename any section, create new ones, add new pages, change, add or delete information, customize advertisement banners.

The webpage is not created on a premade engine, therefore after you buy it you can restructure it and add feature of any difficulty you want.

Out webpages feature easy to use control panels which can be used by anyone who knows basic Microsoft Word program.

Webpage will feature:

Controlled categories and sub categories;

Dynamic informative pages

Unlimited advertisement banners

Contact info and online email form.

Slideshow on the main page, to which administrator add or remove slides to an unlimited degree.

You can add videos to any section of the webpage

It will feature three languages (Georgian and English plus Russian which can be enabled or disabled from the control panel.

What is happening if you need a site?

You start searching a company to order the web site... Average cost for a webpage varies from 500 to 1500 gel. The cost depends on which web studio is making it. There is a cheaper alternative, having it made privately, without an official studio but this comes with a downside of not having a quality guarantee. Your webpage might be made on a premade engine which you won’t know until you want to add a new feature (ex. Registration, catalogues, payment system, etc.) and are told that the webpage doesn’t support this feature and you will need a new one.

Upkeep of the webpage:

Domain (name of the webpage) costs 30 gel yearly, hosting (space on the web) per month costs 7 gel at minimum. All together minimum yearly upkeep of a webpage costs 114 gel. Instead we offer you a webpage for 15 gel a month, which will be more versatile and will enable you not to have to pay the initial price of making a webpage.

We offer you a rental webpage for 15 gel a month.

The webpage will be hosted on ASM, you will pick the name and it will be registered on a subdomain of our webpage ( This way you no longer have to pay the initial price and the upkeep just to try out a webpage and see if it will be successful.

After one year if you wish you can buy your webpage for 300 gel. Your page’s  control panel and information will be transported to your host and ownership of the webpage will be yours.  This, of course, is optional, you can keep renting the webpage as long as you like.

Benefits of renting a webpage from us:

After a webpage is made, you become its administrator, you don’t usually have a programmer at your side if you need help. Nobody continues monitoring your webpage’s safety and advertising it.

Our webpages are constantly monitored by our programmers and are ready to help you whenever you need it.

Our hotline is 2 110 410, on which you can call and get free tech support during the work hours.

Your webpage will also be added on the main page of which will be constantly advertised on advertising webpages (,,, etc.)

Once a week it will be shared on our facebook page with 3560 followers and on CDS-es facebook page with 7760 followers. 

Demo Web Site

Go to the Demo Website


In Control Panel enter:
Name: demo
Password: demo

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